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this morning" from the site of the democratic national convention in charlotte. >>> president obama makes a surprise visit after bill clinton brings the delegates to their feet. >>> we'll ask two top advisers what the president will say tonight. and we'll also speak with caroline kennedy. >>> a bizarre bank robbery straight out of the movies leaves los angeles police baffled. >>> plus, andy roddick's emotional farewell at the u.s. open. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside, but who burns for america on the inside. [ cheers and applause ] >> bill clinton defends president obama and makes the case for re-election. >> are we better off than we were when he took office? the answer is yes. >> president obama will not deliver his address at an outdoor football stadium. >> apparently the campaign is concerned about this well-known weather phenomenon known as empty seats. >> a broken-off remnant of isaac is now making a second appearance in the gulf of mexico. that could mean more downpou
of the big items tod is the change of venue for president obama's speech. the details are in, and we will get to that in a moment. ahead the big is speaker tonight, and we are talking about former president bill clinton. what is he expected to say, and is the obama team worried? we will take a look at that, and i will look at the big speech from last night as well. first lady michelle obama getting the democrats fired up making the case for people to elect her husband to another four-year term. she ths that the issues facing the country are personal and she was personal in the speech last nig night, and michelle obama talked about how the president's decisions are focused on values and the family. take a listen. >> thank you. oh, my goodness. thank you so much. [ crowd chanting four more years ] >> with your help. with your help. let me start, because i want to start by thanking elaine. elaine, thank you. >>> i want to bring in the white house correspondent, brianna keilar and i must say that when you and i listened to the speech last night it is not something i that we had not heard before,
>>> for barack, these issues are not political. they are personal. >> first lady michelle obama brings the democratic national convention to its feet. the powerful message she delivered to voters. >> reporter: we're live in morgan hill where several things are happening today involving missing teen, sierra lamar. we'll tell you who is visiting the search center an what's been planned for later on today. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, september 5th. >>> we begin with continuing coverage of the shooting that leaves a -- that leaves a chp officer, kenyon youngstrom, fighting for his life. he was shot yesterday by a man in a jeep. alex savidge is at the john muir medical center with an update on the officer's condition. >> reporter: i just spoke a short time ago with the chp spokesperson who told me that wounded officer's family members and fellow officers have remained here at his bedside throughout the my. he's in icu here and at last check does remain in critical condition. the chp identified the o
by president obama, is not going to be taking place at the situation on the left of your screen. instead it's going to be at the time warner arena on the right of your screen. the weather is the reason. the risk of bad storms is just way too high at this point to be going to the bank of america stadium after all. and that means that 50,000 stadium ticket holders who cannot be accommodated in the smaller venue are more than likely feeling as though there is rain on their parade. cnn's dana bash joins me live now from charlotte. obviously this wasn't news we weren't expecting, but we almost expected to hear it yesterday if it was going to happen at all because of these remarkable logistics, the advance teams that need to switch gears, the security. how did this happen and is it going to cause a huge problem? >> it is, and it's going to cause a lot more work, and as you said, it's going to cause a lot of heartache for tens of thousands of obama supporters who were coming in here. many were being bussed in from around the country to attend that event at that big stadium. what i'm told is that t
. >>> the democratic national convention wraps up tonight in north carolina with a speech from president obama. katie marzullo joins us. >> reporter: president obama will make his case for reelection tonight but you are going to hear this morning on "good morning america" the white house senior adviser saying he does not anticipate a big bounce in the polls following the convention that the race will remain tight until election day. the last night former president clinton made his own case for president obama's reelection. president clinton fired up the delegates and got a hug from president obama after his speech. bill clinton validated the current president's plan and said no president could fully repair the damage in four years. democratic lawmakers from california and here in the bay area are gushing over his performance. senator boxer said she was "over the moon." >> bill clinton is such a great teacher, he laid it out. >> that was the very best. i think the quintessential speech. >> it was clintonesque. >> reporter: before president obama takes to the stage tonight delegates will hear from vice
unknown barack obama into the spotted light. could we see the same tonight. . >> this guy did train there in the bay area as an undergraduate. he only got there because of affirmative action, he said his s.a.t.s weren't really good enough to go to stanford. but joaquin castro and julio castro the twins went on to go to law school, one's running for congress and the brother who gives the keynote address tonight is the mayor of san antonio, texas and they say their story the like barack obama, he went to harvard law and he gave the keynote address, and they're julio is going say with a strong endorsement tonight that america should re-elect barack obama. but all that said, despite the bay area connection, it's got to be michelle obama who's going to really fire up these democrats tonight, and they hope, outside of this hall, despite of the fact that the economy did not fire up today and that plagued barack obama. >> well now come to order. >> reporter: the democratic convention began in charlotte without president obama. he went to norfolk and did not mention the economic news. factor
last night to big to be to chp officer kenyan young strong. >>> a un brought obama to be the next president of the united states. >>> with all when several breaking news stories. >>> first got to and did discuss and video into our newsroom. but to 45 this morning there was a fatal shooting on city streets at a color. the tried to keep people away from this crime scene. the of this about the street in the area as well as a marker of the gold card offer into east than 580. we just heard from chp that the door to close at off live for another 45 minutes or so. let us that there's a pretty bad big accident. they had to completely shut down the freeway. the stuff some lanes of highway 17 remain shut down. there were able to reopen the north atlantic of hours ago. the southbound lanes remain close. we just understand a man was rescued who was stuck between two cinderblock walls. this was at the orchard supply. will have more details in a minute. there may be street closures around capitol expressway. just east of one a one. >>> a stretch of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains expecte
:07. tonight at the dnc president obama's speech will be the major focus of attention. now last night former president bill clinton praised president obama, but he also shined the spotlight on the woman behind the man. >> after last night i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. >> it was the second night of rousing speeches at the democratic national convention as former president clinton officially nominated president obama for a second term. coming up for you at 6:fine more of the highlights from that speech and the comparison made between bill clinton and the current commander in chief. >>> social media is making a very strong appearance at both of the colorado conveniences. twitter reports a spike in the number of tweets sent out. during the 2008 conventions there were 360,000 tweets. so far this year twitter is close to 9 million tweets for the two conventions combined. >>> there are also more google searches and blogs about the conventions being recorded. >> some of san francisco street lamps are in bad shape, according to the chronicle there are 232 of the lights
for his chances of beating president obama. >> his debt in the polls come after a secretly taped video recording of him making controversial comments at a fund-raiser was released and it is also 48 days away from the election. the latest cbs news new york times poll shows that in colorado president obama has a leading ann romney which is a change from august. in virginia the president has extended his lead and in wisconsin the president maintains the same league he did in august. the romney campaign is trying to get back on track after mother jones released a recording this week >> my job is not to worry about, they should take responsibility and care for their lives. >> also indicate romney told donors that 47 percent of americans pay new income taxes and they believe they are victims entitled to government help and will vote for the president no matter what. he went on fox news yesterday not to apologize but to clarify >> course your right there are a number of retirees and military members for not paying taxes as if should be, but, i do believe that we should have enough jobs and en
police turns ugly >>> a new international development, hours before president obama speaks at the united nations, what iran did this morning and how it's creating new tensions in the mild east. the morning news continues. >>> good morning. welcome to a brand new day. it's tuesday, september 25. >> good morning. thank ing us. let's check in with steve for the weather. >> temperatures look like inland they will warm up. by the week kenned even the coast can get in on a warmer pattern. until then, we have morning fog. temperatures will be about 65. inland, more what the way of about 85. >> san mateo bridge traffic looks pretty good. the morning travels doing well in san jose. >> thank you. we have developing news this morning that we have been covering since 4:30. a second suspect is in police custody. we have video of a man being taken away. this is one of two men suspected of breaking into a substation at about 2:45 this morning. officers saw them and started chasing. one office and suspect were actually hurt during a struggle. they will both be okay, they say. dozens of off
that is james taylor performed there welcoming them to charlotte. tonight michelle obama is featured speaker. the 37-year-old mayor of san antonio texas gives the keynote address and will try to convince latinos that president obama deserves their vote. >> through any score, immigration, education, health scare, an any number of issues he has been a very effective advocate for the latino community. >> president clinton will address the delegates wednesday night and president obama closes out the convention thursday night with his acceptance speech. >>> the california delegation in charlotte held a celebration yesterday honoring nancy pelosi's 25 years of leadership. she told the delegates her goal in november is to re-elect president obama and win the 25 seats they need to take back a majority in the house of representatives. we will have live coverage all week long. >>> we will have our first live report from charlotte this morning coming up at 5:15. >>> right now it is 4:55. republican presidential candidate mitt romney won't be spending this week on the campaign trail. instead he will spe
different paths. >> the crowd was on their feet as president obama took the stage to make it official. >> i expect your nomination for president of the united states. >> he says that this election is not just about him, it is a choice. >> on every issue, the choice that you face will not just be between two cadidates or two parties but it will be a choice between two different path for america. >> the president says that republicans only have one passed. >> have a surplus? try a tax cut. deficit too high, try another. feel a cold coming on, take two tax cuts. >> joe biden stuck to the line which has become a catch phrase for him. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> democrats hope be energy and momentum of these last few days will carry forward now that the conventions are over and the fall campaign begins. the president says that this election is still about hope. >> if you share that hope with me, then i ask you tonight for your vote. >> president joe biden says that americans never lost faith. >> you never quit on america and you deserve a president that will never
speeches. first, vice president joe biden and then president obama will accept the nominations and try to convince the country why he should be reelected. ken joins us live from charlotte. >> reporter: the california delegates that we talked to said they do not expect president obama to spend much time tangling with republicans. >> ♪ ♪ in my mind i'm going to carolina ♪ >> reporter: even with the likes of south carolina favorite james taylor, there are no greater stars than the thousands of delegates and guests in this arena than tonight's main speakers. >> that's a no-brainer. we want to hear from obama. >> joe biden is a firecracker and i always love hearing him speak. >> biden sometimes has slipups but i'm sure he's gone through the speech multiple times. >> reporter: vice presidential convention speeches typically try to gut the opposition, but the tone may be different, since biden is speaking on the same night as the president. >> i don't think you're going to see that. i think this president has decided what you heard from bill clinton last night. >> reporter: president ob
the three swing states considered crucial for his chances and be president obama. >>> romney stood in the polls come after a secretly taped video recording of have making controversial comments at a fund-raiser. and it's also 48 days away from the election. latest poll shows president obama has a leading colorado. this is a change it on from august 1st running at a five point lead. president obama extended his lead in virginia and wisconsin. this after that secret recording of raw meat speaking at a campaign fund raiser. >>> there is a 47% or with them depend on him. >>> romney claimed half of americans think they're the victims the title for government support. he still believes that his comments that he represents his view that governments need to be smaller. he won on fox news yesterday not to apologize but to clarify. >>> that are a number of retirees and members of the military who aren't paying taxes and that's as it should be. but i do believe that we should have enough jobs anti of take-home pay so that people have the privilege of higher incomes that allowed them to be pay
.s. under new rules from the obama administration. ktvu janine de la vega live with this story on more what this change means and how people can apply. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are here at san jose state university a college many undocumented youth dream of attending. in just two hours they will be able to get help in filling out applications to obtain temporary legal status in the u.s.. now several hundred people are expected to come to catholic charities in san jose for a workshop on obama's deferred action program. the plan stops the deportation of many undocumented immigrants. republican critics accuse obama of drafting the plan to help boost his standing with latinos. i spoke to a san jose man that told me in spanish why he thinks the plan is needed. >> i have papers but i support the program. i know a lot of young people in san jose that would benefit because they want to continue their education. >> reporter: to qualify for the program immigrants must prove they came to the u.s. before they were 16 are 30 or younger are in school, graduated or served in the m
convention in charlotte begins in just two days. president obama is trying to build momentum before heading there. >> reporter: president obama heads to colorado today after two saturday stopovers in iowa where he took a swipe at mitt romney's convention speech. >> it was a rerun. we've seen it before. you might as well watched it on a black and white tv. he did not offer a single new idea. just retreads of the same old policies that are been sticking it to the middle class for years. >> reporter: in cincinnati, romney shot back, blaming the president for america's continued high unemployment. >> the day 23 million people are out of wok or stop looking for work are underemployed. let me tell you, if you have a coach that's zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> reporter: romney will spend today and labor day at his vacation home in new hampshire, preparing for the presidential debates next month. in charlotte, they're preparing for the opening of the democratic national convention tuesday. delegates have begun arriving, struck by the southern hospitality. >> it's a gr
with this at the toll plaza. back to you. >> 6:09. we move to decision 2012. tonight president obama takes center stage accepting his party's nomination for president. >> all 188 votes for the president and the next president of the united states, barack obama. >> a bit of a formality. democrats submitting that last night. an evening belonging to bill clinton. he deliver add 47-minute speech to the crowd in charlotte. brought them to their feet several times telling delegates president ob deserves a chance to finish the job he started. >> no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> the reality is thousands of people will not get a chance to watch president obama accept that nomination live and in person tonight. he was expected to speak outdoors at a big stadium but those events have been moved inside because of that bad weather rolling in. >> a scary moment for brandon mccarthy. took a hard hit. find out the precautions doctors are now taking. >> the search continues for a morgan hill teenager nearly six months after her disappearance. see how the show of su
president barack obama. it's a dramatic shift from four years ago when he campaigned furiously for his wife. steve is live with more for us. good evening, steve. >> reporter: let's go back four years ago to talk about a change that will look pretty different that they've had to make today. four years ago when barack obama gave his first acceptance speech, it was grand, some said grand yois, outdoors at mile high stadium in denver. this year these democrats dream and hope that something similar, and without it they say it can't happen. president obama arrived in charlotte as the news spread. he'll give a speech thursday night, the high point of the dnc, in the main convention venue, time warner arena, not in bank of america stadium that's three times larger but exposed. the chance of rain is 30% to 40%. >> clearly team obama felt that having this thing drenched in a thunderstorm outweighed the benefits they got in denver for a big outdoor crowd. clint eastwood showed them when it's undercut by circumstances. >> reporter: republicans charge democrats just couldn't fill the stadium. >> i think
, north carolina. the site of the democratic national convention where president obama says he will offer what he calls a better path forward. nbc's steve handelsman is in charlotte with the latest. >> reporter: arriving in charlotte for the democratic convention delegates from florida will boost their efforts in the biggest battle ground. >> florida is a tough state. it's going to be down to the wire. >> reporter: >> what is nice about the convention it wraps everybody up. >> reporter: charlotte has become a kind of obama fest. >> we're very excited. students in general. >> reporter: college democrats in town grateful the president kept rates low on student loans. >> he helped him, i'll help him. we're in this together. >> reporter: president obama is crisscrossing battle ground states on the way to charlotte. today colorado talking about his gm and chrysler bailouts. >> i bet on american workers and american manufacturing and today the u.s. auto industry has come roaring back. >> reporter: he defended obama care. >> i don't know exactly what the other side's proposing, i guess you call
, a surprise appearance from president obama, setting the stage for his big moment tonight. >>> rough seas. hurricane leslie gaining strength, as partial remnants of isaac reemerge in the gulf of mexico. >>> and, oops, a building implosion goes off without a hitch until a huge cloud of dust and debris engulfs a crowd of onlookers. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the democratic national convention with matt lauer, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, and savannah guthrie, live in charlotte, north carolina. >>> and welcome to a special split edition of "today" on this thursday morning. good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie at the democratic national convention in charlotte. >> and i'm matt lauer in new york. savannah, you look at that implosion video. someone clearly forgot to do the old which way was the wind going? we'll show you more of that in just a little while. >>> meanwhile, president obama already had a lot of pressure on him with his speech tonight. now he's got a really tough act to follow after what was an enthusiastic and powerful
and will remain in the hospital. >>> turning to election news now. tonight democrats will name president obama their candidate after a highly anticipated speech by former president bill clinton. last night president obama and his daughters watched the first lady address the convention from the white house. earlier in the day the president continued his campaigning in virginia. he told the crowd that whatever he said would be a distant second to what they would hear from his wife later this night. >> i am going to be at home watching it with our girls and i am going to try not to let them see their daddy cry, because when michelle starts talking i start getting all misty. >> when it came time to deliver her speech she entered to cheers a standing ovation and a little stevie wonder. ♪ [ music ] >> the first lady told the crowd the past four years has not changed her husband. she talked about his efforts for students, women and healthcare and reminded people that real change will take time and she talked about one of the best parts of her job as first lady. >> everywhere i have gone and the peo
for the re-election of president obama. >> one of the main reasons we ought to reelectricity president obama is that he is still committed to constructive cooperation. look at his record. >> tonight, president obama is expected to officially accept his party's nomination but at a smaller venue than originally planned. >> coming up at 77:15. we will go to charlotte and why he said president obama had it much worse hand he did. >> reporting a number of tweets from the political conventions. and interest was a total of 360,000 tweets so far this year. twitter is close to 9 million tweets for the two conventions come pined. >> still have another day for the democratic convention and more google searches and blogs compared to 2,008. >> big rig fire shut down highway 17 last night. it was at summit road near the santa cruz mountains. the fire burned the front end of a semi and part of a hillside. but it did not breakthrough the tank holding the haul of nielt tree general. >> these refrigerated cry owe generallic tanks -- cryogenic tanks are very well insulated. >> northbound lanes were closed for
the world's oil passes through. >>> meanwhile, president obama prepares to speak. coming up, what the president is saying about efforts to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >>> time is now 7:06. computer experts reportedly have found a way to get a free ride. an analyst discovered he could use his lap top computer to read the data on muni's paper limited use cards and then reset them. then, he created an app that would allow his smart phone to do the same thing. now, he says he is not releasing that app to the public. instead, he notified muni to the problem and reportedly they are going to fix it. >>> coming up at 7:07, i want to check in with value on what is happening on i -- sa l on what's happening on i-4. >> reporter: looking a lot more normal today. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive out to the willow pass grade. also, this morning's commute is not all that bad. that have traffic moves pretty well. there is a slow down but it is only about 15 to 20 minutes which is very typical. we have had some slow traffic this morning. i think we do have the maps the
. president obama addressed the assembly yesterday and said time is running out for iran to settle dispute over its nuclear program. >>> two political heavy weights are added to the list of people upset over that controversial referee call. coming up in nine minutes the impact of the fofootball game o the presidential race. >>> now 4:36. the chp is investigating a frightening rolling shootout on interstate 580 in castro valley. take a look. you can see the bullet holes in this ford taurus. someone in a passing car opened fire on that car around 7:30 last night. the driver and passengers of the ford left the car on the side of the freeway and ran off. the driver of the other car also got away. so far no reports of injuries or arrests but the chp shut down two miles of westbound 580 for 90 minutes while officers searched for evidence. >>> coming up on 4:37. let's go over to sal to check in on the early morning commute. hi sal. >> good morning, pam. we are off to a nice start if you are driving around the bay area any time soon. let's take a look at interstate 80 westbound it looks pretty goo
of a drive-by, no arrests made. >>> president obama will give the most important speech of his reelection campaign tonight when he accepts his party's nomination at the democratic national convention. last night president clinton made an impassioned case for a second term for mr. obama katie marzullo has the highlights and local reaction. >> reporter: democrats are thrilled with president clinton's speech last night especially considering some past bad blood as you know hillary clinton and president obama were locked in a bitter battle in time four years ago. president obama must have been pleased as well he watched from backstage then joined bill clinton on stage after the speech and the two shared a hug. president clinton fired up the delegates he said president obama laid the foundation for a more modern, well balanced economy that will produce millions of good, new jobs. he said voting for president obama is a vote for a society in which we are all in together. democratic law makers from california and in the bay area are gushing over the performance. senator boxer said she was "over
told the country from the democratic national convention last night why president obama should be re-elected. >> -- barack obama to be the next president of the united states and i proudly -- >> -- delegates that president obama needed four more years to continue repairing the economy. coming up more highlights from president clinton and the big conclusion set for tonight. >>> twitter is reporting a record number of tweets from the two political conventions. during the 2008 there was a total of 360,000 tweets. so far this year twitter is close to 9 million tweets for the two conventions combined. there are also more google searches and blogs about the conventions being recorded. >> wow. >> that is how people communicate now. >> it is. 5:07. tara is back to get you to where you need to go. another brush fire. >> yeah, we had one earlier there earlier in oakland and now there is a brush fire on 80 eastbound near the carquinez bridge so it is a developing situation. we will keep you posted. >>> the east shore freeway 80 westbound those headlights seems like traffic is moving along nicel
creation will be a big issue this election year and this report could hurt any momentum president obama gained following that democratic convention. rep kuublicans are going to use this as proof the economy is not improving quickly enough. as president obama leaves charlotte for a campaign event in new hampshire, he's preparing to encounter bad news about the jobs created last month. >> 100,000 jobs, that's a disappointment. expectation was somewhere between 125,000 and 150,000. >> reporter: equally concerning for economists is the unemployment rate. it dipped slightly to 8.1% as more people gave up on finding a job. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is blaming president obama. >> this is not even close to what a recovery looks like. we would need to actually have 150,000 jobs created just to keep pace with population growth. this is not what president obama promised. >> reporter: already mitt romney's campaign has released 15 ads in eight key states attacking obama's jobs record. >> this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. >> reporter: pr
it was ann romney, tonight it was michelle obama's turn to talk to the nation about her husband. she says barack obama as president is still the same man with the family values she fell in love with. >> we must work like never before. and we must once again come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward, my husband, our president, barack obama. >> comments brought a lot of people to their feet and tears. steve handlesman has more on the message the first lady and other democrats delivered during day one of the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. >> we're here! >> the women of america are h e here. >> reporter: from their convention tonight they turned to first lady michelle obama who was worried about going to the white house. >> i loved our life with our girls and i deeply loved the man i built that life with, i didn't want that to change if he became president. >> reporter: the president watched from the white house with their daughters. keynote speaker san antonio mayor julian castro tried to help, he's a mi
. but the biggest name was former president, bill clinton. it's no jet that president obama and president clinton are not the best of best friend, but each of them realizes that supporting one another is mutually beneficial. mr. clinton, still wildly popular in the democratic circle, electrified the crowd in charlotte. >> we all know that he also tried to work with congressional republicans on healthcare, debt reduction, and new jobs. and that didn't work out so well. but it could have been because as the senate republican leader said in a remarkable moment of candor, two full years before the election, their no. 1 priority was not to put america back to work. it was to put the president out of work! [ cheering and applause ] >> well, wait a minute. [ audience booing ] >> senator, i hate to break it to you. [ laughter ] >> but we're going to keep president obama on the job! [ cheering and applause ] >> president obama's plan cuts the debt, honors our values, brightens the future of our children, our families, and our nation! it's a heck of a lot better. it passes the arithmetic test, and more imp
gets underway in north carolina. >>> president obama continues his march to charlotte. with a campaign stop in ohio today. but a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina first good vice-presidential candidate. all you buff to date the new word for years ago? >>> the at and east to do what he hasn't done. >>> one last 3 million jobs. our country was born and our financial system was on the verge of collapse we're passing been dealt to ensure that our system could stay afloat. >>> president obama's a says republicans failed to offer solutions at their convention last week. >>> it was a week of personal attacks of empty platitudes and a watt and were left with was picking that line was a virtue. >>> will put in federal police city are prepared to keep everyone safe. the massive police presence has many here unconcerned about potential violence. >>> the sensor and police said everybody in every station. >>> there's a lot of really fun things happening. >>> the condition of the cops didn't deliver day celebration called carolina fast. >>> mitt romney has no
not have a big impact on americans' political views. the poll comes as president barack obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are increasingly using their facebook page and other social media sites as campaign tools. from most users, researchers say political material is just a small portion of what they post and read. only 36% of those surveyed said social networking sites are very important or somewhat important in keeping up with political views. >>> and you can bet the social networks will be buzzing with political chatter tonight. first lady michelle obama will take center stage at the democratic national convention, just about two hours from now. nbc bay area's steve handelsman is live in charlotte, north carolina. steve, the bar is high for this speech. >> reporter: thanks, janelle. good evening from the dnc. democrats hope michelle obama helps. they know the polls are close. they know the president's likability, according to the polls, has been fading in the past few days. they hope social networks help. they've actually been posting some -- no surpri
it's a sad and precautionary tale about gun safety. >>> president obama's united nations address began with a tribute to chris stevens. mr. obama called on the world leaders to join him in condemning the violence that killed stevens and three american staffers in the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president then explained to world leaders why the u.s. cannot ban a youtube clip blamed for much of the violence in the middle east. the clip insults t s ths the pr muhammad. >> as president of our country and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and i will always defend their right to do so. >>. [ applause ] >> president obama said there is no speech that justifies mindless violence and promised stevens' killers will be brought to justice. the president also discussed hope that concerns over iran's nuclear programs can be addressed through diplomacy. >>> from heartache to hope, it's a bittersweet day for a peninsula family whose loss of a child could help save the lives of others. doug and linda studebaker spoke a
today, president obama is heading to louisiana to sure i have the after the of hurricane isaac. the president will meet emergency workers who have been trying to evacuate people from areas that are still flooded and restore power. republican presidential nominee mitt romney visited the area on friday. later this week, president obama will join democrats in charlotte, north carolina, for their national convention, and coming up at 7:15, have a live report from charlotte with the one question democrats will have to answer this week as they officially renominate president obama for another run for the white house. >>> time now 7:70. students and teachers say they will rally tomorrow outside of san francisco city hall in an effort to save city college. now, the school is at risk of possibly shutting down. the state has cut more than $03 million in funding for the city college over the past three years. that has led to a reduction in class sizes, cancellation of summer sessions and some unfilled teaching jobs. leaders say they plan to launch the yes on aid campaign. they're hoping t
election 2012 news president obama leaves charlotte, north carolina today after last nights big speech at the democratic national convention and he heads to the battleground states of new hampshire and iowa. he's hoping last night's speech will give him a boost in the polls. now the president formerly accepted the democratic nomination for president in front of more than 20,000 screaming convention delegates. some political analysts say his speech was a rousing one but they say more importantly it was forward looking. the president touched on many issues including the war on terror, medicare, alternative energy, and middle class tax cuts. >> america, i never said this journey would be easy and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a better place. yes our road is longer but we travel it together. >> the president's new goals include recruiting 100,000 math and science teachers, cutting tuition increases in half and reducing the deficit by $4 trillion in the next decade. and the republican challenger mitt romney was not ready for the pressures of the white ho
>>> right now at 5:00, president obama continues to fire back at the gop following the republican national convention. the latest jabs from the campaign trail. >>> and we catch up with a bay area delegate just days before he attends the democratic national convention. >>> and two bay area homes gutted by a major blaze. how a local firehouse could have made a difference. >>> good evening, to you, i'm kris sanchez, diane is off tonight. we begin tonight with decision 2012. just days before the democratic national convention, republican presidential nominee mitt romney is comparing president barack obama to a failed football coach, but as nbc's steve handelsman reports, the president is firing back as the contest moves to big battleground states. >> reporter: starting a preconvention tour of swing states, president obama went to iowa, where he got his first win in '08 on his way to the democratic nomination. so, he asked, did you watch the republican convention? >> don't boo. vote! >> reporter: mr. obama charged mitt romney and paul ryan offered an obsolete message that lacks specifi
, head of one on the convention floor on their feet. >>> some had tears in their eyes as mrs. obama spoke passionately about her husband. >>> i've seen firsthand that the president doesn't change to you are. the lease deals to you or. >>> she says this president is a man whose upbringing in family brought values means to look out for all americans. >>> that's what he cut taxes for working families and small businesses and fought to get the auto industry back on its feet. >>> of the first lady stood mostly away from politics keynote speaker at the pool yet castro dove right in. he got the fron hotel fire out. >>> four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression despite an incredible odds. and united republican opposition are president of action. now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs. >>> tonight president know, and will be the start. he's expected to share how he got the economy going. and what he believes president obama can do it as well. >>> when he left office the academy was in a far better condition than when he took office. >>> also today in a row, vote will officially nomi
're not better off, we're worse off. >> a war of words on the presidential campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney battle it out in battleground states. >> president obama's secret beer recipe is now public. where you find the once coveted formula. >>> firefighters say they are making progress in controlling a fire that's destroyed five homes and seven out buildings. still threatening homes and commercial properties tonight. it's 58% contained. 40,000 take aircraft acres have burned. >>> a fast moving fire consumed two houses in concord. it started early this morning. the victims were lucky to get out safely. >> reporter: from a block away you could see a tower of smoke blowing from the rooftops on this residential street. the fire started after 2:00 a.m. in the garage of the home on the left. within minutes the flames spread next door. the people inside both homes were asleep. >> the smoke alarms didn't go off for whatever reason, we don't know. they were lucky. >> reporter: their neighbor heard the fire. >> just the popping. coming out from the windows and stuff like that. then
of contempt. plus president barack obama response. ktvu channel 2 morning news -- plus president barack obama responds. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning welcome to a brand-new day, i am dave clark. >> welcome, steve paulson has the forecast and it's cooler today. >> yes, it is cooler, but i am telling you, there are some cooler readings leading the pack at 43 degrees this morning and most locations are not that high but highs are 60s and 70s and very low 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic on marin is looking good if you are driving towards san rafael and traffic looks good in marin county and also traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge, let's go back to dave and pam. >>> one firefighter was injured fighting an apartment fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter ann rubin was first to report on the scene and has more on the rescue of a woman and her dog and a look at the damage, ann ? >> reporter: take a look, it was a tricky one for firefighters not easy to access and in the end, he was taken to the hospital with minor burns. the fire apparently started in a second fl
is on the campus. >>> in the race for the white house mitt romney and president barack obama are headed to the same state. coming up, the new television ads from the obama campaign which include the secretly recorded video of mitt romney. >>> you tube refused to remove videos. they could jailed for up to a law. they ban insults during an election campaign. google plans to appeal. >>> rebels are attacking a military building in damascus. there are more than 300 people who died yesterday and it was the bloodiest day in this month long crisis. they estimate 700,000 refugees may flee syria by the end of this year. >>> back here in the u.s. football fans are happy. the nfl strike is over. the regular refs have reached an eight year deal which includes a retirement plan. the regular refs will be back tonight. the nfl caught a lot of heat after the refs blew that touchdown call at the end of monday night's game between the seahawks and green bay packers. regular revs will be -- regular refs are back starting tonight. >> no pressure, sal, how is the commute? >>> we still have more slow traffic building at
areas under water. president obama visited the area today. he told one resident he was there to help. he said officials would make sure they are on the case. very quickly to assess what happened. >>> concerns about the hantavirus are leading leading to mass cancellations at yosemite national park. normally over night spots in the park are sold out around labor day but they had a 20% cancellation rate this weekend. there have been thousands of worried phone calls after last week's alert to campers. so far 6 park visitors have been infected with hantavirus and two died from hantavirus. >>> three people from a san jose family injured while riding jet skis on lake tahoe. a woman crossed in front of her husband causing him to smash into her. their daughter who was riding suffered severe injuries. the mother and their son was taken to a hospital with mild injuries. police say the father was unharmed. >>> coming up, labor day did not stop the campaign, we will take you to the democratic national convention site that starts tomorrow and gas prices gone up, a lot lately but that rise may be runni
offended. >>> the president obama match the energy and impact he had four years ago at the democratic convention? >> reporter: on his way to the democratic convention, president obama surveyed hurricane damage in louisiana. and injected politics. noting the joint federal/state effort was sharper during isaac than during hurricane katrina, under republican george w. bush. >> sometimes in the past we haven't seen the coordination that's necessary in the response of these kinds of disasters. this time, we've seen it. >> reporter: in charlotte, michelle obama visited the convention hall where she speaks tomorrow. outside, democrats held a street fest and talked strategy. >> jobs. that's what it's all about. people want to know that there's going to be something to look forward to. >> reporter: in ohio, at a labor day rally of steel and auto workers, president obama looked back at the jobs he saved. bailing out gm and chrysler. >> i stood with american workers. i believed in american manufacturing. i stood by you. i bet on you. >> reporter: mitt romney took labor day off. paul ryan held a
's game ending by replacement? even president obama is joining. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. . >>> it is tuesday, september 25th. hello, everyone. i'm heather hol mings in tonight for gasia. this is bay area news at 7:00. comcast announced today it is closing its three california call centers and moving those jobs out of state. it is our top story tonight at 7:00. dayna is live now in livermore with a number of lay offs happening here in the bay area. >> heather here tat california headquarters there is a tech support center and administration building. they obtained the lay offs show more than 800 bay area jobs will be gone. >> comcast workers learned about it this morning. the company announced it will close its three california call centers by the end of the year eliminating more than 300 jobs for morgan hill, more than 400 in livermore. cam cast calls the total impact more than 1,000 california employees from front line customer service agents and tech support up to managers. for many workers, closures came as a shock. >> i
to take new action this morning. >> i ask you tonight for your vote. >> president obama wraps up his party's convention in charlotte this morning. he's back on the road going head-to-head with mitt romney in a key battleground state. what is next for the candidates. >> a live look outside as the palace of fine arts up in san francisco glowing in the early morning on a friday, that's right, it's friday, september 7th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to one and all. it's 4:31. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, jon and laura. you made it to the weekend and we've got great conditions. want to help you make those outdoor plans. there are changes around corner but today looks good. 78 degrees is the high in san jose. i'll take you to the forecast, tell you where we're going to see the most significant changes saturday and sunday. your beach weather will be impacted. that's your hint. let's find out how the drive is. >> good morning. great morning for the drive. we had
obama tonight. >> possibly a lot because he is the most popular living former presidents and democrats are hoping to play on that popularity and the nostalgia that former president bill clinton represents for a lot of voters. he is no stranger to rallying delegates, this will be the seventh time that he has spoke at the democratic national convention. just hours before the scandal to deliver the speech, clinton still had not handed over his final draft. some believe that is the son of the level of trust between the two men. before we hear from clinton, to powerhouse will vouch for president obama including nancy pelosi. >> we believe in the government of the many, not a privileged few. when you go to the polls, a vote for democracy, vote for president barack obama. >> also from california, attorney general harris, a former san fransisco district attorney will be addressing the crowd in a few minutes. she is considered by many people to be a rising star in the democratic party. and while the republican surprise there delegates with clint eastwood, the word is that three young female act
, and that president obama deserves another term. ktvu's ken pritchett tells us what happened at the end of clinton's speech that really brought down the house. ken? >> reporter: president clinton used his own experience as president describing how he started with the poor economy, and ended with one that was skyrocketing, suggesting that the current economy could do the same if president obama is reelected. president bill clinton, welcomed like a rock star, energized this crowd like no other. his was a presidency that started with economic problems. but he said mr. obama's situation was worse. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: mr. clinton focused on the economy with harsh criticism of republican economics woven in. >> the republican argument against the president reelection was actually pretty simple. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: he said they're fighting job growth. >> the republicans balked the president's
obama deserves another term. ktvu's ken pritchett tells us what happened at the end of clinton's speech that really brought down the house. ken? >> reporter: president clinton used his own experience as president describing how he started with the poor economy, and ended with one that was skyrocketing, suggesting that the current economy could do the same if president obama is reelected. president bill clinton, welcomed like a rock star, energized this crowd like no other. his was a presidency that started with economic problems. but he said mr. obama's situation was worse. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: mr. clinton focused on the economy with harsh criticism of republican economics woven in. >> the republican argument against the president reelection was actually pretty simple. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in. >> reporter: he said they're fighting job growth. >> the republicans balked the president's jobs plan
as the gulf coast as he heads to the convention. karen travers looks ahead. >> president obama has less than 70 days to convince voters to stay the course. >> that is why i'm running for president. >> democrats have to make it a choice between president obama's plan for economic recovery and that of republicans, a referendum on the president's record. >> president obama has been forward he will take the country forward. he has to show how he is going to do that. >> reporter: with the struggling economy hasn't been easy. polls show that americans have grown frustrated with the president's handling of the economy. that is making this very tight race. >> we know we have a lot of work to do to get to where we need to be. but we are going to get there. >> reporter: next week it will be up to democrats to tout the obama presidency. >> he called oakland, i call his plan, romney doesn't care. >> reporter: united base, and his plan for america's future. >> paul ryan asked the question, without new leadership why should the next four years be any different from the last four years? barack obama has to
things right now. president obama at the pentagon for a 9/11 memorial ceremony. we want to take threw. here's a live look arlington, virginia we just saw the president, first lady, defense secretary panetta arrive at an easel that was set up and have a moment of silence at a wreath hung there the president and leon panetta, also the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will make remark there is. for now you see the crowd and the flag hanging from the pfpbt gone behind the group. another live look now -- ground zero in new york city. family members reading all 2977 names of the people who killed in the twin towers. they began the hours long process, 30, 40 minutes ago. for the first time no politicians are going to participate following that theme, president obama and mitt romney have pulled their negative ad campaigns for the day. let's listen in now live as some of those names are read. . christine eagan, michael eagan. samantha martin eagan. lisa karen airwick. >> reporter: this process will go on for hours this morning. about 45 minutes ago at -- [ inaudible ] the president and fi
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